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Artist Painter, Sculptor.

“I aspire to create timeless pieces of art that capture the technical movement and fleeting beauty of the paintbrush in the act of dancing.”

Quentin Desmit, the contemporary artist who shakes-up the stable conception of our lives by sublimating the act of creation through innovative art forms. More than a decade ago, when Quentin Desmit decided to make the UAE his home, he quickly developed a deep fascination for Arabic calligraphy. Facing challenges with dyslexia, the artist immediately found himself captivated by the graceful, dancing flow of the letters, and their rhythmic movements resonated with his sensibilities. Since then, the artists has employed calligraphy as a tool for expressing himself visually. Indeed, Quentin Desmit is a visual storyteller who uses the paintbrush to converse with the viewer and share fantastical stories of his own. “Fantasia” is a body of work that draws inspiration from an American animated segment set to pieces of classical music, based on the 1797 poem “Sorcerer’s apprentice” by Goethe. Just like the apprentice loses control over the enchanted broomsticks, the artist loses control over the paintbrush flow. It all started with the curve resulting from the paintbrush movement. It is what the artist calls, the “Curvism,” an artistic movement that he created in the 21st century that gravitates around the notions of movement, arabesque, and voluptuousness. By choosing the paintbrush as the iconic object of his work, Quentin Desmit plays with the favorite symbol of creation and uses it to shape a bright future, inspiring us all. Quentin’s work is embedded with a sense of complementarity between freedom and control, simplicity and intricacy, motion and stillness, reality and fantasy, tradition and innovation. Quentin's sculptures champion the art of creation also known as the oldest means of expression, and the energy flow around us. Captured in resin, the paintbrush becomes the subject, a timeless object d'art, and the artist's signature. After over 20 years of experimentation with various mediums such as oil, acrylic, sand, and giclée printmaking, Quentin found his own artistic voice. The artist creates new boundaries and writes new narratives in the “Fantasia” collection through a unique handmade technique that captures a fleeting movement of infinite beauty. Quentin adds his signature swirls and touches of vivid colours, recognizable at first glance. Quite a revolutionary method for which the artist has become sought after amongst collectors worldwide.


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